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Don’t Give Up on the Suburbs

images (34)In his book, Suburbianity, Pastor Byron Yawn addresses the damage suburban Christianity has done to the gospel and the church.  But he writes not simply as a critic, but as one who has a heart for suburbanites.  With all of the emphasis these days on church planting in cities and urban areas, I fear that many Christians have thrown up their hands and given up on the suburbs, but I appreciate Yawn’s heart for the people who live there and his desire to help them get back to biblical Christianity.  Here’s a quote from the introduction:

It’s important to understand that my target audience [in wiring this book] is the Christians wandering aimlessly out in the American suburbs, unaware that they are currently imbibing a designer religion that has no essential relationship to Christianity.  I’m writing to soccer moms and white-collar dads.  What we count as Christian was made in America.  It is not the faith once imported from the streets of Jerusalem.  The seeker movement, which reaped its bounty in the materialistic wonderland of the American suburbs over the last several decades, has left behind a biblically desolate landscape behind it.  Those who now wander through its vestiges Sunday after Sunday are unaware of the magnificent truth contained in the true message of the church of Christ – the gospel.  Much of what they have been told Christianity has to offer, it doesn’t.  But what they actually need, it does.  My heart hurts for suburbanites.  I want them to see it.  It is glorious.


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