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Ways for Husbands and Wives to Express Love to Each Other

In his book, A Homework Manual for Biblical Living Volume 2, biblical counselor, Wayne Mack, has a list for both husbands and wives of specific and practical ways each of them can express love to each other.  The list for husbands has 103 suggestions and the one for wives is at 94.  Here are several from each list:

Ways a Husband May Express Love to His Wife

  • Talking about her favorably to the children when she can hear you and when she cannot.
  • Greeting her when you come home with a smile, a hug, a kiss, and an “Am I glad to see you.  I really missed you today”.
  • Being willing to talk to her about her concerns and not belittle her for having those concerns.
  • Sitting close to her.
  • Giving her your undivided attention when she wants to talk.
  • Joining with her in a team ministry in the church.
  • Thanking her in creative ways for her attempts to please you.
  • Being reasonably happy to go shopping with her.
  • Leading family devotions regularly.
  • Give her a lingering kiss.
  • Asking her to pray with you about something.
  • Remembering to tell her when you must work late.
  • Refusing to compare her unfavorably with other people.
  • Not nit-picking and finding fault, and giving the impression that you expect her to be perfect.
  • Letting her know you appreciate her and what you appreciate about her.  Do this often and for things that are sometimes taken for granted.
  • Asking forgiveness often and saying, “I was wrong and will try to change.”

Ways a Wife May Express Love to Her Husband

  • Supporting him and cooperating with him enthusiastically and positively when he has made a decision.
  • Being ready to leave at the appointed time.
  • Asking him for his advice and frequently following it.
  • Refusing to nag.
  • Beginning each day with cheerfulness and tangible expressions of affection.
  • Refusing to disagree with him in the presence of others.
  • Seek positive and non-threatening ways to help him become more fully the man God wants him to be.
  • Being satisfied with your present standard of living or furniture or equipment when he can provide no more.
  • Try to anticipate what he might desire or wish and surprise him by doing it before he asks.
  • Cooking creatively and faithfully.
  • Maintaining his disciplinary rules (with the children) when he is not present.

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