What You Get When A Reformed Pastor, Constrained by the Word of God, Preaches John 3:16

Our pastor, Dan Kirk, preached what I pray will be a paradigm-shifting message for many Christians with a reformed bent in regard to salvation (i.e. – believing God is sovereign over the salvation of sinners).  Being such a Christian myself, I, along with Pastor Dan, see a need for correction in ourselves, and others like us, in how we view the love of God.  Preaching on John 3:16, Pastor Dan answers questions that have needed clarification on this subject…questions like:images (49)

  • What does the word “world” mean in John 3:16?
  • Does God love unbelievers?
  • Is it true that God only hates the sin and not the sinner?
  • Does God want unbelievers to be saved?

If you consider yourself to be reformed, you may be surprised by some of the answers.

A favorite quote of mine from the sermon is in the context of a request Dan makes of God: “Help me to worship you as you’ve revealed yourself and not as I want you to be.”  This comes from a reformed pastor who is ultimately constrained by what the Bible says.

The sermon is simply called, The Love of God, and you would do well to give it at least two listens.

You can download it here.

Or get the notes here.


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