The Difference Between a Fan Boy and a Humble Worshiper

From Joe Thorn’s excellent book, Note to Self:

The difference between a fan boy and a humble, worshiping theologian is the direction of one’s passions, the content of their convictions, and the source of their identity.  The fan boy is passionate about a personality or movement, shares that person’s convictions, and is careful to align himself with the right people for acceptance.  It is not that the fan boy is out to deceive or image1pretend.  He truly believes the personality or tribe is right.  But instead of standing with such people and focusing intently on Jesus, he settles for spiritual tribalism and the cult of personality.

Let me be clear.  Point to those who follow Christ well, but only to encourage others to see Christ more clearly.  Link up with like-minded men and women who are serious about God, gospel, and mission, but fight the temptation to let the group be your passion rather than its reason for existence.


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