Sexual Sin: A Christian’s First Response

images (55)For the last few weeks I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Kevin DeYoung’s latest book, The Hole in Our Holiness.  Among other values, it helps bring balance to the issue of how we change and grow into Christ-likeness.  I have also found it tremendously quotable, using DeYoung for a number of status updates on Facebook.

Yesterday, as I  was reading, I came across a section that very concisely lays out what the Christian response should be to sexual immorality.  Certainly, more can be said on the issue, but this is an essential first step:

Don’t reason with sexual sin, just run.  Don’t dabble.  Don’t peruse.  Don’t experiment.  Don’t “find yourself”.  Don’t test your resolve.  Don’t mess around.  Just flee.

With sexually-charged media becoming more and more accessible and mainstream, this exhortation is going to be more and more necessary for your spiritual life and the spiritual lives of those Christians in your community of faith.  In fact, I suggest this be the first counsel you give to yourself and everybody else.  Let’s flee first, then we’ll talk about how to battle sexual lust at its root.

When a person sees a bear approaching from a distance in the wild, he does not stop to consider the bear – “What might be at the base of the bear’s desires?”, “What if the bear is a friendly bear like Gentle Ben… he could just be misunderstood”, “Bear attacks can’t be as bad as the Forest Ranger said… that won’t happen to me.” – no, he just runs.


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One response to “Sexual Sin: A Christian’s First Response

  • Alison Pita

    We talked about “fleeing” in 3 year old SS last week. I’m not sure they totally got the concept, but they loved running around the room, especially Justin.

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