A Great Resource for Preaching the Gospel to Yourself and Helping Others Do the Same

The phrase “preach the gospel to yourself”’ has been thrown around a lot in Evangelical Christianity over the last few years.  Books by Jerry Bridges and C.J. Mahaney introduced us to the concept and others have built on it.  We use this phrase because too often Christians have left the gospel at the entrance to the household of God.  We have believed the lie that the gospel gets us in the door of Christianity but isn’t needed after that.  So, in calling each other to preach the gospel to ourselves, we are saying that the gospel is something we should live in light of each day.  In the gospel we find the power and the proper motivation to live our lives to please God.

The problem, however, is that we haven’t rehearsed the gospel to ourselves very much and so our preaching is limited and a bit weak .  We need to have the gospel ready for preaching in our time of need.  Fortunately, there are resources to help us with this.

Many of you will have heard of A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent… a book to help us become more familiar with the gospel.  The book is broken up into three sections, one of which is a prose version of the content of the gospel.  That prose version is now available by itself in booklet form from Focus Publishing.  You can find it here (be sure to scroll down a bit).  Why not take a month or two and carry that booklet around with you until you have memorized the content of the good news of Jesus Christ?  Then, why not buy some more copies and give them away so others can do the same?

The Bible constantly connects the commands we are to obey with the gospel of Jesus Christ because we are called to obey out of faith in what God has already done for us in Christ.  Becoming more familiar with the gospel will allow you to preach it to yourself freely so that your outward obedience will more often come from a heart brimming with love, thanksgiving, and eager anticipation of a future bought by the blood of Christ.


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