Why I Buy a New Bible Every Two Years

Early last week the binding on my Bible tore off.  Of course, I was disappointed, but for me it’s time to buy a new Bible anyway.  See, as is my custom, I  buy a new Bible about every two years and the one I am currently using I purchased in the Fall of 2010.  Why do I tend to buy a new Bible so frequently?  Certainly, there are excellent reasons why a person should choose to buy a physical Bible that will last and keep it for years upon years, and then there will be people who say that eBibles don’t have the problem of something like torn binding.  With those realities in mind, here are my reasons for doing what I do.  Perhaps they will be helpful to you.

  1. As a way of focusing my attention on the text I’m reading, I mark up my Bibles (highlights, underlines, circles, brackets, etc.).  Eventually, as I return to specific verses multiple times, there’s nothing left for me to mark up, and so, I lose that tool of engaging with Scriptures.
  2. After using the same Bible for a while I begin to remember where my favorite verses are on the page and what they look like with all my markings. This is a good thing when I am using the Bible to preach, teach, or counsel, but in my personal, devotional time it begins to affect my mind as I study those passages.  When I get to those verses, I begin to feel that I already understand them, and instead of really meditating on them, I find myself breezing through their truth.  This is a problem because I often see new things in verses I’ve returned to dozens of times, and those verses have things I need to be reminded of often because my knowledge of that verse does not mean that I constantly believe it or practice it.  For this reason I usually buy a Bible with a different page format so that the verses I know well are positioned in differently on the page.  This helps me come to my time in the Word with a fresh approach.
  3. I don’t want to use a Bible to the point where it becomes unable to use.  Whether I use that old Bible as a ministry Bible (as opposed to devotional use) or I give it to someone else to use, I don’t want that Bible to be hanging by a thread.
  4. Buying a new Bible brings me renewed excitement in studying the Scriptures and meeting with God in His Word.

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