The Love of Martyn Lloyd-Jones for His Wife

Recently, I finished preaching through The Sermon on the Mount, and, in looking back over my studies, found that my favorite commentary on this text is Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ work, Studies in the Sermon on the Mount.  During my use of this commentary, I ran across a letter Lloyd-Jones wrote to his wife, Bethan, in 1939.  His obvious love for her in this letter has only served to encourage me to read his work further.  A man who takes God’s Word seriously when it says he is to cherish his wife (Ephesians 5:28-29) is a man to listen to and emulate.  Here’s a portion of that letter:

My dear Bethan, 

        Thank you for your letter of this morning, though I am very angry that you should have been up till 11:30 pm writing it!  I see that you are quite incorrigible!  The idea that I shall become used to being without you is really funny.  I could speak for a long time on this subject.  As I have told you many, many times, the passing of the years does nothing but deepen and intensify my love for you.  When I think of those days in London in 1925 and ’26, when I thought that no greater love was possible, I could laugh.  But honestly, during this last year I had come to believe that it was not possible for a man to love his wife more than I loved you.  And yet I see that there is no end to love, and that it is still true that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”  I am quite certain that there is no lover, anywhere, writing to his girl who is quite as mad about her as I am.  Indeed I pity those lovers who are not married…  (taken from The Christian Lover by Michael A.G. Haykin).


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