An Uncommon Reason to Love God’s Word

If you are a member of a gospel-preaching local church, then you probably know quite a few people who you would say love God’s Word.  I hope you love God’s Word as well.  As believers we should love God’s Word.  But why?  No doubt there are many reasons: because his Word is true, because it’s sufficient to tell us all we need to know to live obediently, because it gives hope, because it gives life, because it gives wisdom, etc.  Then there are the reasons that are centered on the character of God (i.e. – “I love God’s Word because God is ______” or “I love God’s Word because God does_____”).  Certainly, we love God’s Word because he is love, because he sent his Son to die in our place, because he created us, because he is faithful, etc.

I think that most of us would agree those are all reasons why we love God’s Word, but consider the psalmist’s reason in Psalm 119: All the wicked of the earth you discard like dross, therefore I love your testimonies (v. 119).  In a world where God’s love and patience are emphasized above his justice, we must strive to make the psalmist’s reason for loving God’s Word one of our reasons as well.    Does the fact that God sends people to hell cause you to love his Word?  That question may sound harsh to you, but lets turn it around and ask it this way: if God did not send people to hell would that cause you to love his Word?  Do we really want a god who doesn’t punish sin?  I don’t think that I have ever met a person who doesn’t want someone to go to hell.  Even the most relativistic people I’ve met want the Hitlers and Stalins of the world to be punished. Can we trust a god who doesn’t judge the sins of genocide, murder, and rape?  And if we can’t trust him, can we truly love him… and his words?

Consider this: our God is just, but he’s not simply partially just (i.e. – punishing only the sins that the majority deems evil).  No, all wickedness is punished one of two ways: in hell or through Jesus Christ as substitute.  May God’s perfect justice lead us to cherish his Word more fervently as we consider what it would be like to serve a god who let evil slide.


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