The Question You Should Ask Your Child Next Time He/She is Sick

Last week while we were on vacation our oldest son (5 yrs.) got sick with some kind of stomach bug.  I have a pretty strong constitution, so I got the privilege (yes… I did say “privilege”) of caring for him during this bout.  It may sound weird, but there’s a certain part of me that enjoys it when our oldest son gets sick.  Why?  Because I get a lot of opportunity to talk to him about the deeper things of life.  He’s a kid who doesn’t sit still or stay quiet unless he’s sleeping (and even that’s suspect), so to have him drained of energy provides time for copious story-telling and gospel-conversation.

At one point, while he was in the tub resting after an “episode”, I asked him the question, “Why is their sickness in the world?”  He could have answered with something about germs or not washing his hands, but instead, he answered with what his mother and I have told him, “Because there’s sin in the world”.  This provided me with another open door for proclaiming the good news of Jesus, so we went on to talk about sin’s destructive nature and how sickness reminds us that we need a Savior.

Next time your child is sick, don’t just think about the burden that comes with contagions and sanitizing every inch of your home, think about the opportunity it provides to point him/her to Jesus.


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