Things that Can Prevent You from Spending Time with God on Vacation

It’s summer time and vacations are in full swing.  For months we’ve been looking forward to getting away from the routine and the to-do lists so we could create memories… memories like taking a nap in an inner tube or buying a churro from the cart vendor at Sea World (yes, please!).  Vacations can be exciting, restful, and therapeutic, but vacations can also pose some dangers in regard to your personal time with God.  Here are some things to be aware of so that vacations from home and work don’t become vacations from the Lord as well.

  1. You’ll be out of your routine – Yes, we take vacations to escape the routine for a while, but the routine goes a long way in helping to keep us meeting with God in his Word.  So, don’t plan to abandon all routine on vacation or else you’ll likely find yourself spiritually dry by the time you get home.
  2. You’ll want to do all the reading you never get to do at home – When we’re on vacation, we see it as an opportunity to finally crack open that novel, biography, or magazine that we haven’t had the time for at home.  There’s no problem with that, but don’t be so consumed with entertainment reading that God’s word gets pushed aside.
  3. You’ll want to spend as much time with your family as possible – On vacation we want to spend concentrated, undistracted time with our spouse and kids because it’s rare to find that kind of time at home.  This is wonderful!  I hope this is your desire.  But we must remember that God is even more important than family.  So, do what you can to use the time when your family is sleeping, but if your kids are early risers, don’t feel bad about designating a block of time for you to spend with God.  You’ll need it in order to love them the way you should.
  4. You’ll be tempted to associate your time in God’s Word with work – Reading or studying God’s word is often not easy.  The Bible was written a long time ago in different cultures, so we have to mentally engage with it to discover its beauty and impact.   Because we want to rest on vacation, this activity can seem more daunting than usual.  Bur remember that the Word of God gives us something better than physical rest: spiritual rest.  For the work we do in reading/studying the Bible, we receive the truth and promises that dispel the spiritual turmoil and burdens that so often hinder our hearts.

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