A Prayer for Our Son on His 5th Birthday

Gracious God, thank you for your kindness in giving Peter to us.  We know that he is your creation, and as such, belongs to you first and foremost, so please help us always to be good stewards of this child and raise him in a manner that pleases you.

What Peter needs most, Lord, is not to grow up and become successful in life, getting into the college of his choice, securing a job that pays six figures, getting married, raising well-behaved kids, and retiring comfortably.  What he needs most is the salvation that comes only through the life, death and resurrection of your Son.  Save him, God!  Make him run away from sin and crawl to the foot of the cross in realization that he deserves only hell because of his rebellion against you.  Then, please, lift his head to see the glorious hope of the Savior’s face.  Wrap him in the righteousness of Jesus so that he will live in the atmosphere of your grace all of his days, and bring him home to heaven to live in the blissful perfection that your full presence provides.

Lord, you have given Peter the physical energy of a highly-caffeinated squirrel.  Please direct that energy to yourself through a gospel-driven life. Father, save him at an early age so that he may know more of your blessing and spend more time delving into your character and work in order that his life here on earth will be a story overflowing with your amazing grace.

As his parents, allow Keri and I the joy of being used by you to point Peter to Jesus and lead him to his saving arms.  May our sins and shortcomings never serve to harden his heart to you, but rather help him see that you are truly the one he needs beyond all others.

Hear these requests, Lord, but know that we trust your plan for him even if doesn’t look like what we’ve imagined.  Your will be done… you know best.  Be glorified through Peter as you see fit.  In the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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About Brent Osterberg

Ransomed sinner, husband to Keri, father to the kiddos three, associate pastor at Calvary Bible Church in Fort Worth, TX, and lover of most things epic. View all posts by Brent Osterberg

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