What to Believe if You Ever See a Mountain Change Locations

What do you immediately think of when I say “mountains”?  Surely words that describe their beauty come to mind (majestic, breath-taking, magnificent) as well as words that describe their size (massive, gargantuan, humongous), but at the same time, you’re probably thinking of words that describe their stability (immovable, solid, inflexible).

No one I have ever met or read about has seen a mountain change locations, yet in Psalm 46, the sons of Korah use this prospect as a way to teach us something about God.  In verses 1-2 we read, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.  Therefore, we will not fear… though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea.”  If the most stable, unyielding objects in all of creation were to suddenly start yielding to outside force and become unstable, there is still One who remains stable and unyielding.

People who live near mountains never run to their windows in the morning and fling the curtains open to check and see if the mountains are still there.  When I finally get back to Colorado for a ski vacation, I expect to find the mountains just as I left them.  The mountains are a symbol of “unchanging” in a world that is constantly changing, yet even if the mountains change in drastic manner, we should not panic because God remains our immovable refuge, and he is always there.

What are the “mountains” in your life that you depend on in the fearful times?  Is it a certain person?  That person will fail you.  Is it your job?  This economy is telling us that no one’s job is safe.  Is it your abilities?  Your abilities will begin to disintegrate with age.  But if you are in Christ, God will love you just as much as he always has (as much as his Son), he will be just as strong as he always has, and unlike everything you trust in this life that begins to slip away with time, time will only bring you deeper into the experience of God’s love.  Mountains can move, but God cannot.


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