Tools for Family Worship

Fathers are called to raise their children in the “instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).  This should happen  as you live life, using everyday experiences to teach your kids the scriptures and show them Christ’s love, but it should also be planned and scheduled.  In other words, dads should be leading their families in regular family worship or family devotions.  The formula is simple, do what the pastors do to lead the church in worship on Sundays: sing, teach, and pray.  This is easier said than done sometimes.  Certainly pastors  have the benefit of preparing for Sundays while they’re in the office during the week and you simply don’t have that advantage.  So here is a roundup of resources to help dads lead consistent family worship without feeling like they are taking on another job just to prepare.

1) Storybook Bibles

2) Devotional Books

3) Music

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