Struggling to Memorize Scripture? There’s an App for That

I am thankful for the emphasis that ministries like AWANA and churches like Bethlehem Baptist Church have placed on Scripture memory.  Implanting God’s Word within us provides the Holy Spirit with ammunition for our fight against sin (Psalm 119:11), so I applaud anyone working toward helping the Church know more Scripture by heart.  But Scripture memory doesn’t just help us in our fight against sin, it also helps us in our worship of Christ.  The Psalms are brimming with examples of David and others praising God because of the truth about God they recall to their minds (like Psalm 95:1-7).  At Calvary Bible Church we like to say it like this – memorization for the purpose of meditation for the purpose of exaltation.

For these reasons and more, Scripture memory is of great value, but many of us still struggle to practice it for various reasons.  You may not take the necessary steps to remember to memorize Scripture, you may lose your  weekly Scripture memory card, or like me, it gets washed in your jeans pocket when your wife does the laundry.

To help us in our ineptness with this discipline, Desiring God Ministries has designed an extremely helpful tool for Scripture memory.  Their program for Scripture memory is called Fighter Verses and I just found their app on the Android market recently.  Here are some of the features I appreciate most about it:

  • It’s on my phone and my phone is almost always with me, so there’s not a real danger of it getting washed with my jeans on laundry day.
  • You can either use their weekly schedule for memorization or create your own by using the “My verses” tab on the main menu.  This helps me because our church has it’s own Scripture memory schedule and I can just insert our weekly verses into the app and continue with our verse choices.
  • There is an option for review that takes the verse your working on and creates a fill-in-the-blank version of that verse to quiz you with.
  • You can set the app for daily or weekly reminders to memorize.
  • There is a long list of of topics you can use to label the verse you’re working on for the purpose of organization and searching in the future.

The app is $2.99, but in my opinion it’s $2.99 well spent.  You can get the app for the iphone or android.

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One response to “Struggling to Memorize Scripture? There’s an App for That

  • Peter

    Thank you very much for encouraging Scripture memorization! I also recommend the popular app Remember Me. More than 300.000 people have installed it on their Android devices. If offers flash cards, games, audio, an intelligent review system and it’s available for iPhone, iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook, too.

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