Is Heaven Boring?

We all have our thoughts about what heaven is like.  Truthfully, many of us have not done an in-depth study of heaven in the Bible, so we allow our imaginations to fill in the gaps of what we weren’t told in Sunday school.  Sadly, our imaginations seem to be informed by undeveloped thoughts from our childhood (perhaps before we became Christians), Hollywood, and Gary Larson’s The Far Side.  What we end up with, then, is a combination of clouds, white robes, pearly gates, harps, grapes, the ability to float instead of walk, and eternity.  When I was a kid, I had this idea that all we would be doing for eternity is singing to God.  Now don’t get me wrong, I like to sing, but doing it forever sounded dreadfully boring, though I never told anyone this because heaven is supposed to be a place where you want to go, right?

Perhaps you too have had thoughts, or are still having thoughts, of heaven being a snoozer.  This is a problem because the Bible tells us that the reality of heaven for believers should affect the way we live today.  Speaking of faithful brothers and sisters in Christ, the author of Hebrews writes, “Some were tortured, refusing to accept release, so that they might rise again to a better life” (11:35).  These Christians were persecuted because they believed that their future eternity with God was better than their present circumstances in this world.  We won’t live a life of radical obedience to Christ if we believe that this life is more exciting than the next.  To the contrary, we’ll live as if this is our home and do as much as we can to stay here as long as we can.  So that we don’t fall into this trap, let’s listen to Randy Alcorn tell us why heaven will not be boring:

Our belief that Heaven will be boring betrays a heresy–that God is boring.  There’s no greater nonsense.  Our desire for pleasure and the experience of joy comes directly from God’s hand.  He made our taste buds, adrenaline, sex drives, and the nerve endings that convey pleasure to our brains.  Likewise, our imaginations and our capacity for joy and exhilaration were made by the very God we accuse of being boring.  Are we so arrogant as to imagine that human beings came up with the idea of having fun? (Heaven, p. 410)

Not only is heaven a perfect place without sin, suffering, disaster, or despair, it is a play of unimaginable excitement and fun!  It’s a place of which we should say, “I can hardly wait!”  Let this reality change your decisions today, so that you live as a grateful citizen of God’s place for us.


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