A Filter for Information-Overload and Why the Bible Doesn’t Apply

A couple of years ago, as Keri and I were purchasing graduation cards we came across one with the silhouette of a graduating senior jumping in the air with his diploma in hand, and just below him the card read, “Thanks Wikipedia!”.  This card led me to think of how much information we have at our fingertips today and how much of it we actually read or hear or watch in just one week.  We receive information from Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, email, Pinterest, blogs, Youtube, the gazillion TV channels on cable, magazines, newspaers, the mail, our friends, families, acquaintances, and authority figures.  With all the info we receive, we can’t possibly respond actively to all of it.

Therefore, we have to  put up filters for our information, so that we know what deserves our time and energy and what does not.  One of those filters is considering where the information is coming from.  If you read a blog by someone without children who is giving out practical advice on how to raise children, you might not want to do too much with that information.  If there’s a fellow employee at work who’s always giving you second and third-hand information who tells you the company is downsizing, don’t start packing up your desk.  See, the person from whom the information comes goes a long way in helping you determine what you should do with that information.

So, what should we be doing with all the information we receive from the Bible?  In the case of this information, the one giving it out is Creator of everything, he is the highest authority in the universe, he is the one who, with self-generating love, made a way for sinners to be rescued from sin, and he is completely perfect in all of his attributes.  The information filter above should never disregard anything in the Bible because God is its author, and therefore, it demands an active response.  By the grace of God, if you come across a promise in the Bible, believe it.  If you come across a command, obey it.  If you come across a description of God, worship Him in light of it.  If you come across a depiction of man that exposes your sin, repent.  If you come across a description of the gospel, rest in it and then go tell someone about it.  Why?  Because of where the information comes from.


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