A Bible Reading Plan with More Time for Deep Thinking

For the last couple of weeks we have seen a slew of suggested Bible reading plans for 2012 scattered throughout the blogosphere.  Many of them have you reading through the Bible in a year or less with anywhere from three to ten assigned chapters a day.  The benefits from such reading plans are many.  Familiarizing yourself with the overall story of the Bible and seeing how Scripture interprets Scripture come to mind first.  However, if you are like me, then sticking to these reading plans is difficult.  Difficult not because I’m a slacker or  indifferent to Bible reading (though that is definitely true of me at times), but rather, difficult because I want to stop and meditate on what the text is saying.  In reading large portions of Scripture each day I feel the pressure of the Bible reading plan pushing me onward when I want to stoop down and gaze into the beauty of God’s character and Gospel.  If this describes you as well, allow me to suggest the Bible reading plan that I am using this year that allows a little more time for thinking deeply about God’s truth.  Here’s the rundown:

  1. Pick a book of the Bible you want to become more familiar with (this plan works best with the New Testament letters).
  2. For your first day in this book, read it from beginning to end in one sitting.
  3. Spend one week on each individual chapter of the book, reading the whole chapter each day.  This means that for seven days your Bible reading will be chapter 1, for the next seven days it will be chapter 2, and so on.
  4. On each of the seven days you are reading the same chapter, concentrate your meditation on a different part of the chapter.
  5. When you are finished with the last chapter, read the book again from beginning to end in one sitting.
  6. Optional – Spend the next two or three days simply writing out the text by hand.  Here’s a great resource to use for this.

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