Be Warned, Your Routine Will Fail You

The majority of people I know in my life thrive in routine.  Can you empathize?  Are you too a person who works best when you’re habitually living out of a scheduled to-do list from day-to-day that you’ve never really written down because it’s all memorized?  Routine is a blessing from the Lord that helps us become more productive for his glory, but what often happens to our routine during the holidays?  It gets a huge stick stuck in its spokes!  With Christmas cantatas, shopping, gift exchanges, special church events, family in town, and holiday travel who can keep up their routine?  At some point during the holidays, many of us will abandon our routine until after the first of the year when it’s safe to take it out again.

 As Christians, along with our morning coffee and pre-bedtime floss, we have our time with God embedded in our routine.  So, when we abandon our routine at the holidays, things like studying the Bible, prayer, Scripture memory, and family worship get abandoned as well.

 Church, let me suggest that, at times, we put our trust in our routine instead of God when it comes to getting what we need to draw near to him.  We often look to our routine to give us the time and availability we need to meet with God, but when life doesn’t allow for our routine, God becomes someone we’ll get back to when things slow down.  God is for every season of life (calm or insanely busy), and he desires us to fellowship with him and serve others for his sake, so he will give us what we need to do these things (Matthew 7:7-11).  Yes, you may have to read your Bible at night instead of in the morning sometimes.  And yes, you may have to pray when everything around you isn’t still and quiet.  But God will provide you with what you need to meet with him.  It will awkward to do things differently (like you’re betraying your routine), but we must remember that like everything else, our routine will fail us, and the holidays are proof of that.  God, on the other hand, gives us a blood-bought promise that he will work in us so that we will choose him and actively obey him for his good pleasure (Philippians 2:13).

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