Book Giveaway: Jesus + Nothing = Everything

In his new book, Jesus + Nothing = Everything, Tullian Tchividjian (pronounced “cha-vi-jin”) writes in the first line of the acknowledgments, “I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to the gospel.”  That statement combined with the truly stellar title is enough for you to go out and buy the book today, but you may not have to because I’m giving away three copies!

To give you a little taste of what the book is about, here’s an endorsement from Paul Tripp:

Tullian Tchividjian knows, by biblical study and personal experience, that the greatest dangers to the church exist inside the church, not outside, and that the greatest of these dangers is the subtle, deceptive, and seductive self-reliance and self-sufficiency of legalism.  Perhaps the greatest contribution of this book is its page-after-page plea to the church not to be afraid of the glorious provisions and freedoms of the grace of Jesus.

And here’s an excerpt from the book itself:

Obviously, before we were Christians, it was never our natural bent to seek all our satisfaction in Christ and the gospel; but even after God saves us, that isn’t where we naturally turn.  In fact, when it comes to the Christian life and experience, many of us have understood the gospel as the thing that gets us in, while the thing that then keeps us in (we assume) is our own effort and performance.  We recognize that the gospel ignites the Christian life, but we often fail to see that it’s also the fuel to keep us going and growing as Christians (p. 37).  

Interested?  I hope so!  Here’s how you enter the drawing: simply share this post on Facebook or Twitter, or email it to at least one friend.  Then come back to the blog and leave a comment to let me know.  I’ll allow entries until midnight tonight.

If you win the book, report back to me after you’ve read it to let me know your thoughts.  Thanks, everyone!

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