If Christians Won’t Do it, Who Will?

Christians are doers.  In the book of James we are told to be hearers and doers (1:22).  In Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus says it those who hear his words and do them who will be like the wise man who built his house on the rock (7: 24).  In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus says it is those who “hear the word of God and do it” who are his true family (8:21).  We are doers because of what Jesus did for us.  He paid for our sins with his life, not only to forgive us but to make us into doers for his glory (2 Corinthians 5:15).

As doers for Jesus, we are called to do many things for him.  We are called to encourage others, give to those in need, show hospitality, pursue peace with all people, love our enemies, submit to the governing authorities, and be good stewards of the resources we’ve been given.  Those are all good things that we must do in order to obey the Lord Jesus in this life, but consider this quote by Greg Gilbert from his book, What is the Gospel?

There are many good things that we can do as Christians, but the fact is that most of those good things will happily be done also by people who are not Christians.  But if we Christians fail to proclaim the gospel of Jesus, who else is going to do that?  No one (p. 120).

Lots of unbelievers give to the needy, obey the laws of the land, and open up their homes to others, but they don’t share the soul-saving good news that Jesus died in the place of sinners.  While all of those good deeds are things we should all be striving after in Jesus’ name, God has not chosen to redeem people through acts of kindness or humanitarian aid.  That does not mean that God will not use those things in the process of drawing an unbeliever to himself, but ultimately, a person must believe a specific message (The Gospel) and trust in a specific person (Jesus) in order to be rescued from sin.  Join me, Church, in doing what is most necessary and won’t be done unless Christians do it!

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