You Haven’t Forgotten Sunday Yet, Have You?

It’s Tuesday morning, so it’s still early in the week, but think about everything that has happened since the week started.  Think of all the responsibilities you’ve already tackled, all the conversations you’ve already had, all the information you’ve already processed, and all the calories you’ve already consumed.  Needless to say, it’s probably difficult for you to remember all the things in each of those categories.  Life is full and life is busy, but hopefully not so full and so busy that you have forgotten Sunday already.

As soon as we leave church on Sunday we are bombarded with all kinds of things that often find it far too easy to distract us from doing something with the sermon we just heard.  This is a reality for us all, so it is crucial that we discipline ourselves to remember and apply the truth that we hear each Lord’s Day.  Here is a list of suggestions for how to do that.

1)      Determine to talk about the sermon with family or friends at lunch after church.

2)       Listen for poignant one-liners in the sermon to write down and take with you during the week for the purpose of meditation and application.

3)      Before the end of the day on Monday, determine to tell at least one person about the sermon who doesn’t go to your church.  One of the best exercises for remembrance is having to formulate what you heard into your own words for the purpose of personal expression.

4)      Write down three ways that you can apply the sermon and determine to accomplish at least one of them before you go to sleep on Sunday.

5)      Schedule a time during the middle of the week to review your sermon notes and evaluate whether you’ve changed anything in your life since Sunday because of what was preached.

6)      Ask your spouse or close Christian friend to ask you on Saturday what you did with Sunday’s sermon that week.

7)      Download the sermon onto your phone or mp3 player and listen to it again on the way to work or when the kids are taking a nap.

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