What To Remember When People Reject You

We all have certain people who we want to accept us.  They are those people who have an insanely high coolness factor in our estimation, but for reasons unknown to us have not readily included us in their entourage.  Truth be told, we’ve all probably spent a good deal of mental, emotional, and physical energy trying to wiggle our way in as a friend to these people.  In seeking to be accepted by certain people we make a lot of sacrifices and work hard for something that we may never get.

Most likely, you’ve experienced those occasions when, even with all of your strenuous efforts, you were never accepted by a certain person or persons.  What does this lead to?  Often times, at the very least, you experience depression, feelings of unworthiness, bitterness, and even some disillusionment toward personal relationships in general.  Christians, this should not be the case.

There is something we must all remember when seeking to form relationships.  We’ve already been accepted by the One whose perspective matters most.  God has accepted you through his son Jesus Christ, and the magnificent thing about it is that you didn’t have to sacrifice anything at all to receive that acceptance!  Jesus is the one who did all the sacrificing so that God could accept you, and according to Galatians 4:7, God hasn’t just accepted you as a friend, but as his child and an heir to the same inheritance that Jesus will receive.  Remembering this truth will not only keep you from depression and bitterness when someone refuses to accept you, but it will also keep you from pursuing that kind of acceptance as if it’s of ultimate importance.  Remembering this aspect of the Gospel keeps your effort and energy focused on cultivating the relationship that has already been given to you for free.

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