Does More Hearing Equal Less Doing?

Part of me wishes that I lived 250 years ago in colonial America.  Yes, life would be much harder without all of our modern-day conveniences, but without being surrounded by distractions on every side, life would also be much simpler.  Colonial America Brent wouldn’t have a smart phone, a laptop, or a tv…  just a Bible, a few other books, and monthly ride into town.

Part of our distraction today is the amount of information we have access to with the simple tapping of a screen or clicking of a mouse…  and most of it is free.  Christian blogs, Bible study resources, online books, sermon podcasts, and inspirational tweets are there for the taking at anytime day or night. This can be a tremendous thing!  Oodles of Gospel ministries have been able to make their resources available to a world-wide audience, and for that I praise Jesus.  But as my friend stated in a conversation we had yesterday, the increased availability of Gospel truth has increased our hearing of that truth, but, in many ways, has also decreased our doing of that truth.  We are called to be both hearers of God’s word and doers of God’s word (James 1:22); people who don’t just nod our heads in agreement with it, but also actively change as a result of it.

Let me suggest a way for us to bring balance back to our Christian lives in this way.  Once we have read a blog or listened to a sermon, let’s take the same time and energy we would use to feed ourselves more Gospel information and instead seek to apply the truth we have already received.  Sure, this will be hard because everyone knows it’s easier to hear than it is to do, but remember what else James said in his letter, “So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin” (4:17).  The more truth we take in, the more responsible we become for acting on that truth.  In fact, you have become more responsible for taking action by simply reading this post.  Brothers and sisters, more truth is wonderful, but it needs to lead to more life!

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