God Is Not Afraid

As a kid I remember being deathly afraid of thunderstorms for a while.  I think someone at school told me a story about a person he knew who had been struck by lightning and died, and since eight year-olds are a credible resource of information, I believed him.  Although the fear was pretty strong, it was relatively short-lived; I got over it fairly quickly.  But why?  It was a combination of things, no doubt, but one reason was the fact that every time there was a storm, my mom and dad were not scared a bit.  They just kept living life as if nothing was different; doing the laundry and watching Monday night football.  I knew that my parents had been around longer than me and knew a lot about a lot more things than I did, so if they weren’t scared, there was something comforting they knew about thunderstorms that I didn’t.  This helped put my fears to rest.

Similarly, there is comfort for the Christian in knowing that God is not afraid either.  I would later discover that there were other things my parents were afraid of, like any other person, but God isn’t afraid of anything.  This becomes personally practical when we remember that God looks at the things we’re afraid of in our lives without even the smallest quake in his boots.   How can this be?  He knows something we don’t.  Psalm 139:16 says, “…in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.”  God knows everything that’s going to take place in your life and my life because he planned it all.  But wait, there’s more, the Bible tells us his plans cannot be frustrated (Isaiah 14:27), which means there’s no uncertainty about whether God’s plans will succeed.  This would be a scary thought for us if God were cruel and sadistic, but he’s not, he’s good, and therefore, his plans for his children are for good (Romans 8:28).

Perhaps you too can relate to being comforted by your parents lack of fear as a kid.  But let’s remember that, while our parents had knowledge about life’s circumstances and what would most likely happen, they could not plan out our days with rigidly precise detail, the plans they did make, they couldn’t keep perfectly, and certainly because they are human their plans for us were not always for our best.  If we were comforted by our parents being unafraid, the knowledge that God is not afraid should do wonders for our fearful hearts.

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