The Blessings I Hope This Baby Girl Will Bring

It’s coming down to the wire…  next week we have a baby girl due.  The Lord has blessed us with two rascally little boys and now it seems as if he has something new to teach us in giving us a little girl.  I’m an expert in light saber duels and monster truck pile-ups, but I know nothing about tea parties or dolls (are those like action figures?).  I’m married to a girl, but she’s a grown-up; how do we raise one?  Her room is already completely pink, so that’s something.  The unfamiliarity and inadequacy cause me some nervousness, but I am confident that the Lord will bring us wisdom and grace in this new endeavor.

Truthfully, I’m actually extremely excited about this little girl.  Here is a list of the blessings I am looking forward to with her arrival.

1) More compassion and gentleness for her Daddy – I tend to have a suck-it-up kind of attitude when things aren’t going ideally for my kids in their little world.  I am praying for God to use this little girl to sand down my rough edges so that this aspect of Christ’s character is seen more clearly in me (Matthew 11:29).

2)  Learning how to accept different preferences – I have an extreme aversion to anything pink and the fake hair on dolls freaks me out, but I know that love for my daughter would have me consider her preferences before my own (Philippians 2:3-4).  It doesn’t take much humility for me to agree to watch another episode of Batman: The Brave and the Bold with the boys, but quite a bit more to agree to watch Strawberry Shortcake with her.

3) Chivalry for our boys – It’s high time for our boys to put their Nerf swords to good use in protecting their sister from the dragons and trolls that roam the grounds of Osterberg Manor.

4) The patience of learning a zone defense – Praise the Lord, I think I am a more patient man than I was before we had kids, but three kids is an occasion to learn this quality even more.  With two, parenting for Keri and I was one-on-one, now it’s got to be a zone defense or we’re doomed to fail.

5) Raising her to understand that I’m not the one she needs – What a privilege it is to have this little girl live under our roof for at least 18 years with thousands of opportunities to show her that Jesus is where all her hope should rest!

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