Why a Trophy Kid Makes a Really Bad god

Last week we finally finished our four year-old’s very first tee ball season.  It was full of backwards base running, dog-piling on infield grounders, and dozens of kids looking like bobble heads while wearing helmets that were way too big.  While I enjoyed it for the most part, the experience was harder than I thought it would be.  I don’t mean harder physically, but rather spiritually.  God used tee ball to expose a disturbing reality in my heart.  I wanted my son to be a trophy kid in the area of baseball.  You know the kid who “gets” the game at a really young age and shows himself to have great potential for the future.  There would’ve been no problem with me wanting my kid to be good at tee ball, but the desire became too strong so that every time he walked the bases instead of running I felt that fleshly monster inside me rear its ugly head.  Having a trophy kid had become more important to me than honoring the God who made me and saved me through His Son.

In His grace, however, the Lord caused me to remember something crucial…  a trophy kid makes a really bad god.  A trophy kid is not eternal.  A trophy kid doesn’t love me perfectly.  A trophy kid doesn’t provide for all my needs.  A trophy kid is not all-powerful.  A trophy kid is not all-knowing.  A trophy kid is not unchanging.  A trophy kid did not make me and everything else…  and a trophy kid did not give up his life and make himself the object of God’s concentrated wrath for me.  In short, a trophy kid is not worthy of my worship and a trophy kid does not have a smidgen of the spiritual capacity required to be the God of the universe.  Even further, because God made me for His glory (Isaiah 43:6-7), if I searched for a thousand years I would never find anything to satisfy me other than God.  I can trade a trophy kid for more vacation time for a bigger house for every technological gadget I could ever dream of, but because God crafted my heart only for Him, I will not find joy and rest in any other so-called god.

It doesn’t have to be a trophy kid.  What are you currently making a god out of?  Fill in the blank and remind yourself of all the ways that person, thing or experience is not like the true God of the Bible.

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Ransomed sinner, husband to Keri, father to the kiddos three, associate pastor at Calvary Bible Church in Fort Worth, TX, and lover of most things epic. View all posts by Brent Osterberg

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