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Have a Real, God-Glorifying Answer

Sunday morning is a unique and important time for us Christians.  It is not everyday that we gather with our Christian brothers and sisters to fellowship and worship God together, and for many of us, it may be the only time during the week.  So, we need to make sure we take full advantage of our time at church on Sundays.  One way that we can do that is by maximizing our conversations.

Sure, we can talk about how busy we are or how we’re just “plugging along”, but why not have a real, God-glorifying answer ready to the question, “How are you doing?”  It’s inevitable, you’re going to get that question at least three or four times on a Sunday, so be prepared to initiate fellowship with your answer.  Because, what is fellowship, really?  Fellowship is not just being in the same room with other Christians (we don’t fellowship by osmosis) or eating with other Christians; it’s enjoying God together, and mutually encouraging each other in our faith.  So if you’re doing well, answer the question with “God has blessed me this week by ____________ (fill in the blank)”.  If the week has been particularly hard, answer the question with, “I’m struggling today. God has challenged me this week with _____________ (fill in the blank)”.  This may seem awkward for some, but I think it’s awkward because we don’t do it enough. Church, we’re called to “encourage one another day after day” (Hebrews 3:13) and talk to each other for the purpose of “building up” each other (Ephesians 4:29). Answers like these will stimulate God-centered conversation and help us to obey those commands.  Don’t settle for the lazy, common answers like “Doin’ alright” or “Just trying to keep my head above water”.  Choose to get and give more on Sunday mornings by having a real, God-glorifying answer ready!


Let Bible Reading Feed Your Prayers

How does prayer fit in to your daily Bible reading?  Often times there can be a disconnect between what we’re reading that day and what we’re praying.  We will read a chapter out of a New Testament letter, try to “get something out of it”, and then start praying for our different issues, but our Bible reading should feed our prayers.  Remember, our relationship with God should be our most important relationship, so as God speaks to us through His Word, let us directly respond to what He has said by turning whatever we have read into a prayer for ourselves and others.  Our time with God each day should be like a conversation; He speaks to us through His Word and we speak to Him through prayer.  Think of how many human relationships of yours would grow and thrive if you never responded directly to what they said to you in conversation…  not very many!  Friend: “I’m really struggling with anger toward someone at work”, Your response: “Hey, I’m thinking about getting a puppy!”  A lame illustration, but hopefully you get my point.

If we need to be applying what we learn in the Bible, then we should praying what we learn in the Bible because God promises to answer our prayers, and He definitely wants to be obeyed.  So, if you’re going through 2 Corinthians 3 for your Bible reading and you read over verse 18: “And we all with unveiled face beholding the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another” then respond by praying, “Lord, help me to plunge myself into your Word to behold your glory so that I may become more like You.  No matter how busy I am or what excuses I can create, may You drive me toward a deeper realization of your glorious character, and then make me to become what I am beholding.”  Letting your Bible reading feed your prayers will help you to focus on what your reading in God’s Word and generate a new energy toward living God’s way for God’s glory!

Lord, May it Be Used!

Greetings Peeps!  Okay, so all my blogging heroes (Tim Challies, Justin Taylor, Trevin Wax, etc.) started blogging some 5 to 8 years ago.  Ha!  That’s funny, twenty years ago my heroes were Ken Griffey Jr. and Marty McFly.  Anyway, I am starting a blog, however late to the table I may be.  So what can you expect from this blog each week?

  1. It will not be a blog dedicated to my own personal rants, rabbit trails, and musings.  Rather, it will be specifically geared to Christians in local churches to help them become better hearers and doers of God’s Word (James 1:22).
  2. It will cover topics such as…  help in getting the most from God’s Word, help in making the most of your church membership, help in evaluating your heart, and help in stimulating your passion for Jesus Christ.
  3. I will post four times each week – Tuesday through Friday.
  4. Each post will be relatively short – somewhere around two to three paragraphs.  I know we’re all uber busy, so I want to be somewhat sensitive here.

I am truly humbled that you’re reading this, and I welcome any comments or questions throughout this endeavor.  Lord, may it be used!  Tune in tomorrow for the first non-introductory post!

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